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Established in 2012, Atom Security UK started trading after having found a requirement for heightened security in domestic, business and commercial environments.

We are here to offer you a personalised system, from a simple intruder alarm or CCTV package to state-of-the-art security system that you can access from anywhere around the world.

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intruder alarms

We offer a wide range of systems to suit a home, business and budget.

Whether you need a wired system or wireless, we can find the one for you.



CCTV is becoming a part of every lifestyle.

Over the years we’ve seen an increase in new installations and reduction of theft and burglary to  homes that is protected.

Security lighting

A great way to light up your way but a fantastic method to keep away unwanted guest.

They key is bright lights in dark spaces.

Access control

We install a wide range of door entry and access control kits. 

Suitable for all environments and situations.

Weather you need a one way stand alone solution for a small project or a multi way system for those larger sites.


Like any technology maintenance is the best way to prevent faults and failures.

We’ve provided packages to keep your system working at optimum without any headache.

why choose us

Satisfaction Guarantee

100%, it’s our pride to ensure you are completely happy with your purchase or installation if you have any concerns within three months of the date of purchase/ installation, don’t worry, we will put it right. No headache, No fuss!

A One-Stop Shop

We’re here to take away your headache by providing you a tailor made package from start to finish. Quote/Supply/Install/Maintain all in one place.

Free Consultation

We will provide you with our best solutions to keep you safe. No Cost, No Jargon, just sound advice to help you make the right decision in choosing the correct security system for your home or business.


Fantastic company. Quick to respond when we had a power issue with our alarm, was fixed within the hour. They did a real thorough job of installing the system and explaining everything too us. Would 100% recommend.

Jo Stammers

Quick and reliable service. They fitted me in quickly and fixed the problem I had with the alarm and charged a fair price. 

Lisa Tuccilo

Atom Security are brilliant giving the best advice & service which is 2nd to non. Quality product supplied with quality aftercare.

Dhiren Patel

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SSAIB?

SSAIB is a leading certification body for organizations providing security systems and services alarm systems, CCTV,

approved contractors scheme and monitoring services, Click here to read more

Will I get a discount on my insurance premium if I have an alarm or CCTV?

Probably, your insurers may also require that the system is installed by a professional installer, i.e. a company that is a member of SSAIB.

The best thing is to ring your insurer before contacting us, so we can meet your insurers requirements to be eligible.

Will my pets set the alarm off?

You can have “Pet Friendly” detectors fitted to reduce this risk of false alarm. We can ensure your alarm system is

designed to suit this requirement so that your pets are safe at home without activating the alarm.

How is my alarm monitored?

There are a few ways in which we can monitor your alarm system.

Smart Phone App:

This feature connects using Wi-Fi or 4g sim card and sends a signal from your alarm system straight to your phone as a notification, this device is not linked to the police or an Alarm Receiving Centre and is known to be cheapest way of getting alerts.

RedCare and DualCom:

These systems use a combination of a phone line, GSM and wifi technology. If the phone line is cut these systems will still be able to monitor the alarm via the alternative link. This system is commonly used by businesses and for some larger domestic systems. You can also have this system linked to the police or an Alarm Receiving Centre.


How long does my bell box outside sound for?

The alarm bell box will switch off after 15 minutes to comply with the law, but the strobe light

will continue flashing until the system is reset.

How long does it take to install an alarm or CCTV system ?

Once you have accepted a quote and chosen a date for installation it would normally take from 1 to 2 days to install a full system.

Wired system take longer to install than Wireless systems, but we will inform you of the amount of time required to get you up and running.

How to do I prevent burglary happening?

Interested in making your home safer and more secure?

Our home security guide shows you the simple steps you can take to help deter intruders.

Click this link for more,

Will I get false alarms?

User error is the most common cause of false alarms, you would need to take into factor the following:

  • Failure to regularly maintain the system

  • Wrong door entered, i.e. failure to enter the building via the designated alarm entry route

  • Failing back-up battery – often revealed during a power cut.

  • Insecure or loose fitting door or window – often revealed during a thunderstorm or during high winds

  • Failure to practice good housekeeping, i.e. not securing the property correctly before going out

Need Help? Don’t Worry

Our support is simple and easy. Whether you’ve had an installation by one of our professionals or installed your system yourself, we can still support you in many ways!

Click on the WhatsApp icon for more help and to obtain the password for a downloadable link!

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Did You Know?

Research into the emotional impact of Burglary shows victims reported:

  • 25% Found it hard to sleep
  • 13% Moved to new premises
  • 12% Experienced a loss in confidence
  • 11% Were afraid of being left alone in the property
  • 8% Became ill and found it difficult to concentrate on work
  • 5% Were diagnosed with Post-Traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)


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